Lightning-Fast Speep

Our Indian VPS hosting utilizes cutting-edge infrastructure and strategically located data centers to deliver lightning-fast website loading speeds. Benefit from high-speed SSD storage, powerful processors, and ample RAM, ensuring optimal performance and an exceptional user experience for your Indian audience.

Plan RAM vCPU Disk BANDWIDTH Location Monthly Quarterly Yearly Order Setup
LV 1 1 GB 1 Core 20GB SSD 100GB INDIA ₹399/m ₹350/m ₹249/m
LV 2 2 GB 1 Core 30GB SSD 100GB INDIA ₹499/m ₹439/m ₹299/m
LV 3 2 GB 2 Core 50GB SSD 200GB INDIA ₹599/m ₹519/m ₹399/m
LV 4 4 GB 2 Core 60GB SSD 300GB INDIA ₹699/m ₹609/m ₹499/m
LV 5 6 GB 4 Core 80GB SSD 400GB INDIA ₹899/m ₹779/m ₹699/m
LV 6 6 GB 4 Core 100GB SSD 500GB INDIA ₹999/m ₹869/m ₹799/m
LV 7 8 GB 4 Core 100GB SSD 600GB INDIA ₹1099/m ₹949/m ₹899/m
LV 8 8 GB 6 Core 150GB SSD 1TB INDIA ₹1299/m ₹1121/m ₹1099/m
LV 9 10 GB 8 Core 170GB SSD 2TB INDIA ₹1599/m ₹1379/m ₹1399/m

Looking high traffic VPS Hosting ?

Full Managed VPS Hosting ( Start With Rs.650/month )
Control panel for Best Indian vps hosting

VPS Self Manage panel

You can Manage your self

OS Install

This panel you can reinstall operating system .


You can boot / Reboot / Stop VPS .

Server Monitor

You can check CPU uses / Bandwidth uses

Install Control Panel

You can Install control Panel for VPS like : cPanel , Plesk , Webuzo ,

Webmin , Interworx , ISPConfig3 , VestaCP , CentOS Panel ( CWP )

Data Sovereignty

For businesses operating in India, data sovereignty is crucial. Our Best Indian VPS hosting ensures that your data remains within the country, complying with local regulations and giving you peace of mind regarding data privacy and security.

Scalability and Flexibilit:

Our Best Indian VPS hosting plans offer seamless scalability, allowing you to easily upgrade or downgrade your resources based on demand. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt your hosting environment as your business evolves.

Features Managed VPS Hosting Self-Managed VPS Hosting
VPS hosting setup
Control panel installation Optional
OS Install Panel ( Manged by Us )
Third-party software installation
Linux security and hardening
CMS and Web application installation
CSF Firewall installation and configuration
Optimizing web server and fine-tuning
Database optimization
Server performance fine-tuning
Security optimization
Kernel patch updates
Malware, virus detection and protection
Spam protection
Database and Website security
Protection against server blacklisting
Malware removal
VPS performance optimization
VPS migration
rDNS setup
Support ( Only Hardware and Network )
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