6GB VPS & 4vCPU with 100GB SSD from India Datacenter with 500GB Bandwidth

Plan Name:

LV 6

Plan Description :

4 vCPU | 6 GB RAM (guaranteed)| 100 GB SSD Disk | 100 Mbit/s port | 500GB Bandwidth | VPS Managed Panel | Full Root Access

Yearly up to 40% Off



Billing Cycle

Select OS | Control Panel

cent os 7
Cent OS 7

Free ( Rs.0 )

ubuntu 18.04

Free ( Rs.0 )

Cyber panel with OpenLitepseed
Cyber Panel

Free ( Rs.0 )

Directadmin 2 Account 20 domains

2 Account (20 Domain ) Rs.500/m

Directadmin Unlimited panel and account

Unlimited Rs.3399/m

cPanel 5 license with VPS
cPanel 5

5 Account (Unlimited Domain ) Rs.1600/m

cPanel 30 license with VPS
cPanel 30

30 Account (Unlimited Domain ) Rs.2499/m

cPanel 100 license with VPS
cPanel 100

100 Account (Unlimited Domain ) Rs.4499/m

    Note: If you need other os or control panel, you can ask via live chat or ticket

Server Management

Setup Fee : ( One Time )

0 (Free) (One Time)

499 (One Time)

Total :


BIG SSD disk come with this 6GB VPS

100GB disk is big for any website, Why do you need a Big disk on your VPS, when you have lots of data to store, and SSD works fast with CPU and RAM, If you plan to use only storage purposes then you can go with Storage VPS that come with HDD

What can you do with VPS

It's a very good question And the short answer is lots of 1) Web hosting .
2) High Traffic website.
3) Set up a gaming server.
4) Host A VPN for private and secure web surfing.
And many more as per your need.

What is VPS ?

VPS is a private server between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Normally shared has multiple websites on the same server but for many users. So all websites and users share their resources, So they can not get full access to a server it comes with limited access on other hand dedicated server is a full server for a client, it's not shared resources with another and come with full access but it's very costly, To solve this issue VPS is good to come , VPS is working on virtualization, mean a dedicated server split into few VPS, So the user will get full access of the server as virtually and the price will come low

Big RAM comes with this VPS

As you have 6GB RAM, So you can run multiple websites smoothly. Or you can run multiples plugin on or more websites using 6GB RAM. With this VPS you have 4vCPU, So your RAM will work with full resources.

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