Cheapest Cloud VPS Hosting in India

VPS know as Virtual Private Server. VPS come with full root access . So, User can install any application ,software as per their requirements. there is no limitation. From Management aspects VPS are divided to two categories
1) Self-Managed VPS. 2) Managed VPS.

What is Self Managed VPS ?

Who have knowledge of web hosting and have knowledge to manage VPS by self, They can save money and make its very affordable price .
It's started Only Rs.249/m , But still our team will help and give support from Hardware and Network lable. You can also add Managed service with self-managed VPS, You need additional Managed support costs.

What is Managed VPS ?

Who have no idea how to install control panel , how to optimize VPS server or any techical knowledge to manage VPS server.
So we provide Managed hosting , So you can run your website or application without technical skills . We will do that for you. We will provide all type of management of server except website development and backup.

Our ALL VPS come with Managed and Self Manged service. You need to select on order page


Standard SSD

Plan Start with

Rs.  249 / Month

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Datacenter Location INDIA

Up to 10GB RAM

Full Root Access

Ready within few minutes

7 Days Money Back Guarantee


Plan Start with

Rs.  1200 / Month

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Datacenter Location INDIA

Up to 16GB RAM

Full Root Access

Ready within few hours

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why VPS hosting ?

1. Cost-Effective (Unbeatable Prices! )

We understand the importance of cost efficiency. We provide shared hosting Cheapest Web Hosting in India It's good for a website start. why do you buy own your server, So you can start web hosting shared plan. But it came with some limitations. like your CPU , RAM and disk shared with other websites, which is why our VPS hosting plans are designed to offer maximum value for your money. When your business is growing you get more visitors ,then you should go with VPS - it's come with full root access without any limitations. It's not shared with other websites. You can install your own OS as per your requirements. VPS is more secure than shared hosting

Also, you need VPS when you have high traffic, like news websites.
Some user has the technical skills to manage Self-managed VPS But Some user don't know how to manage VPS server. No worry, then can buy Managed VPS

2. Reliable Performance:

Our VPS comes from very high-quality infrastructure and hardware, So it delivers optimal performance. With high-speed NVMe SSD storage, powerful processors, and fast RAM to run your website or application fast and to give a smooth user experience to your visitors.

3. Full Root Access:

Take complete control of your virtual server with full root access. Customize your server configuration, install software, and manage applications to suit your specific requirements. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to optimize your VPS to meet your unique needs.

4.Reliable Network Connectivity:

We understand the importance of a stable network for your online presence. Our VPS hosting is backed by robust network infrastructure and redundant connectivity, ensuring high availability and minimal downtime.

5. 24/7 Expert Support:

We take pride in offering exceptional customer support. Our team of experienced professionals is available round-the-clock to assist you with any queries or technical issues you may encounter. Rest assured that your hosting needs are in safe hands.

Looking High Traffic VPS Hosting ?

Do you have no technical skills ? Select Full Managed on VPS order page . Plan start with 1200/m

Come with VPS Self Manage panel - Reboot - Boot - Reinstall OS

Premium-NVMe VPS Hosting ( Start With Rs.1200/month )
vps panel for Cheapest VPS Hosting in india
. control panel install from VPS panel

VPS Self Manage panel

You can Manage your self

OS Install

This panel you can reinstall operating system .


You can boot / Reboot / Stop VPS .

Server Monitor

You can check CPU uses / Bandwidth uses

Install Control Panel

You can Install control Panel for VPS like : cPanel , Plesk , Webuzo ,

Webmin , Interworx , ISPConfig3 , VestaCP , CentOS Panel ( CWP )

Certainly, here's a more detailed description of the features for both Managed and Self-Managed services

Features Managed Self-Managed
VPS hosting setup
Control panel installation Optional
OS Install Panel ( Manged by Us )
Third-party software installation
Linux security and hardening
CMS and Web application installation
CSF Firewall installation and configuration
Optimizing web server and fine-tuning
Database optimization
Server performance fine-tuning
Security optimization
Kernel patch updates
Malware, virus detection and protection
Spam protection
Database and Website security
Protection against server blacklisting
Malware removal
VPS performance optimization
VPS migration
rDNS setup
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FAQ's for VPS Hostings

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